Thursday, June 08, 2006

Junk Post

So, while I was visiting Ames, IA for a bit, I was under the impression that this was my last chance of using a camera for well, until Jason came for a visit to DeKalb, or some other digital camera toting tycoon came along to help me out. I just love posting pictures for everyone to see, I know that when I read other people's blogs the pictures just seem to add something to what they are saying. Anyway, I decided that I didn't want to go a month or more without any pictures to post so I saved some up... Sneaky me. Well, the night before I was going to leave Ames, I came to the conclusion that seeing how I'm an art student I can no longer do without a camera (that's right, I don't even have a point and shoot film camera). So I bought one. I looked a lot first of course and nothing seemed to work. And after being spoiled with a camera that I knew I could not buy because Jason has a Nikon D-70 which is like what the pro's or the step right before the pro's would use and was too expensive for me. So I'm looking and looking and as I'm browsing through Nikon's site I come across the Nikon D-50... What is this.... Could it be the little brother to Jason's camera? So I asked him and he said that really the only difference is the memory format (the D-70 uses a compact flash card which is fancy and high tech and able to hold lots of pictures and the D-50 uses a SanDisk which is also fancy and high tech and able to hold lots of pictures, but not as many pictures and it's not quite as fast as compact flash). I was sold, I mean, there are a few less buttons and features, but it is basically the same camera. The thing that really got me was the fact that 1) it was a few hundred less and 2) me and Jason can share lenses! Woot! He has a lot of really nice lenses too, so that would save me a lot of money because he already has fancy zooms with all the fixings so to speak.

Okay, so this is I think the third painting that we did for my painting one class. The assignment was to pick out some candy, put it on a piece of paper and blow it up to fit into a 30"x30" canvas. It was actually a lot of fun and I learned a lot about light and reflection in shadows and lot of other things along the way. I was almost finished with it and my instructor comes up and says, I think you need some candy corn.. Right here. I was like J-E-R-K! He had totally threw me, which was good, but still a little annoying. So I painted in some candy corn where he put them down. The whole thing is actually to scale too. Exciting, candy. So Jason really likes this painting, I'm really not sure why except that it is kind of bizarre to hang up and he likes bizarre things. He is now the proud owner of a Kristin Roach Painting 1 painting, woo. He actually hung it up and was excited about me bring it with. Who knew candy could make him so happy.

Here is a scarf that I bought, that was way to expensive, but I bought it with a gift card so I'm okay with that and isn't it pretty! I have yet to wear it though, I was expecting it to go in my hair, but it's to slick... So it goes. I guess around my neck in the fall... Darn, I wanted a head wrap.

This picture is really ridiculous. This is my tea stash... That was with me in Ames. Okay so not only do I have to much tea, but I take to much tea with me on vacation, and than I buy tea while I'm there so I take too much tea home .... But really, what is too much tea, I mean, it only take up one shelf in my cupboard... That's not so bad. It really doesn't look as bad as it is. I really just grabbed the tea tin that is pictured and what is shown is it's contents. Okay, so it's not really supposed to be a tea tin, it's supposed to be the flour tin and the "tea" tin is the where I keep my sugar and the "sugar" tin is where I keep the flour.... Funny how those things work out.
I came up with a top secret Idea about making a book holder for my books so that way I can knit and read, eat and read, sit and read, stuff and read! Here is the finished product... I'm not going to give away my top secret patent pending idea on how I hold the book, but I will show you how I fancied up the back side with some embroidery. These are the proto-types so they are sloppy and not professional, but they work. Only one problem, they don't work for hard covered books, so I'm in the process of fine tuning and when I get done I will sell them in my online store so every one can do stuff and read, oh the opportunities for great reading!

Awhile ago I posted a bunch of pictures about books that I had found at the ISU resale warehouse. I forgot to post this one and it was my favorite too! There are all these little sections on how to monitor the weather.... In fact everyday weather and how it works... How odd because that is the title... hehe... As it should be. There are all these great illustrations in it too and also, my favorite part is "how to make your own weather station." What Fun! If I had kiddos I would totally do this with them, I mean, monitoring weather with kitchen items doesn't really change from the 50's to the 21st c. It just doesn't. So this is going in the kid's book section of my library for later kid related fun. It will go next to my other book called Winter Outdoor Activities that is also for later kid related fun. (my sister needs to have a kid so I can be an auntie soon, although I have a feeling I am more likely to have a kid than she is, but we will see, that's not for a long time off.

I actually just took this picture last week in DeKalb, from my apartment. There is this squirrel, he has yet to tell me his name, but we are acquaintances and we chat from time to time. Well really he just chatters all the time and I get a kick out of listening to him. All last summer he laid on the branch, fully sprawled out, with his little legs hanging over the sides of the branch. It was about 100 degrees so I don't blame him. At one point though I thought he had died because he laid there from about noon to 6 pm without moving. I was so worried that my little friend had died of heat stroke and that there would be a decaying squirrel in the tree right outside my window (I'm almost level with the branch and it's about 12 feet away from my front window). But he was okay in the end and it looks like he survived the winter, right now he is foraging for nuts in the front lawn.

And with that I am done for now, I want to get outside myself and take Mr beuler to the park and knit a bit while he forages for who knows what. I will post later, I want to show you my fancy new dish clothes and my garland.

Have a good Thursday!

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