Monday, June 26, 2006

Picture laziness

So I was planning on editting these so they look nice, but I'm lazy and other things to do right now and because of that you are getting the "straight off the camera" pictures. And keep in mind that if I sell the little pencil case cluch in my etsy store three things would be different.
1. no little fraying edges all over
2. fancy
3. editted pictures so you can't see all of my junk in the background.

Here is the newest edition to my green little family.

Here he is with his lady friends.

I found him in Aldi when I went grocery shopping this week, I wanted to save all, but I left that to some other grocery shopper who has an inclination to all things green and growing such as I do. He was a whole 3 bucks, what a steal. I need to give him a name though, any ideas?


keri said...

I love the idea of a pencil clutch, as I collect all things pens and pencils. It's very cute!

~Marc~ said...

How do you tell your plant's a "he"? :p

I always thought of plants as "she", but that's mostly because it's the genre of the word in French.

I'd say call him Rick. 'Don't know why. It just crossed my mind. But no wussified diminutive like Ricky! Just plain manly Rick!


Kristin said...

ah la fleur, I get it. I'm not sure why I feel it's a he, but I'm mean, I'm not going to argue with my new plant, if it says that it's a he, than who am I to argue. hehe. I was think Subastian, my uncle's name is Rick so.. that would be odd to name my plant after him. hehe.