Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Quick Post!

Oh my goodness, I can't take it anymore... but I must. I want this book so badly, it's rediculous! The Mason-Dixon Knitting book is a must have for me, so for now anyway I'm going to borrow it from my local yarn shop's library. I love that little library. That's where I originally saw it a few days ago. I made a washcloth... well two and have cast on for a third... and I want to make almost every project in that book! They have all of my favorite types of patterns... washrags, blankets, rugs, rag rugs, felted boxes, etc... all of those wonderful things that you could never have enough of, and I mean, who doesn't need a washrag? What a great quick gift! Anyway, I'm trying to get a wishlist set up over at amazon where you (oh precious reader) can buy me books if you feel so inclined... well okay so I know it's a long shot, but why not try for it. The generocity of others is amazing as I found out with the bike-o-thon fund raising bit. I was somehow able to raise $205 in 2 weeks! Thanks to those who donated! Okay so I've had a little too much coffee this morning and I'm typing like a crazy person, or a person hyped up on coffee, so I'm just going to end this "quick post" here.

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