Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Planning a Planner

Well really there was no plan at all except, "I'm going to make this thing right now and now stopping until it's done." And that is what I did. Here is the start of it... I should have taken a picture of the Avon binder first, but oh well, too bad, you are lucky I stopped to take any pictures at all. Oh and here is a silly picture of me gearing up to craft, do you like my apron? I'm actually wearing a skirt today. It's my belief that the only good time to get dressed up is when you are sick because it really makes you feel better. So a skirt and fancy sweater for today.

And here it is kind of finished, but not yet dry.

And of course, here is Mr B being cute trying to get me to stop making stuff and play with him instead, oh that little sneaky guy, but not today, there are things to be made!
I am of course I am going to do some drawing and other type of things to my planner, but this first coat needs to dry.

On another sad note, my dick blick, yes, mine, I have been going there since I was 6 years old, is closing! I'm going to cry... well not really, but it does make me sad that the only good art store in a thriving art community is going to close. Why were all those artists going to Micheals or Ben Franklin when they should have been going to Dick Blick. Jerks! Anyway so everything is 50% off right now, so I just called them up and they are going to put a Gocco Printer and 2 jars of GAC900 acrylic medium (it makes acrylic into fabric paint). I am going to go pick them up on Sunday... I'm still really sad, even though I do get a Gocco printer for 50% off, which totally kicks some butt. I'm going to have to stock up on paper and pencils and pens and paint too, but we will see what is left there, they started the sale awhile ago. The guy on the phone was funny, he told me that it was my lucky day there was one gocco printer left and that there were 3 jars of GAC 900. I asked him how much the GAC 900 was and he said "1000 dollars, very reasonable, we can set you up on the installment plan if you want."hehe, they were really $5, which is a great price! And with that I bid you adoooooooo, go to your local art store and buy stuff, now!


keri said...

Cool! What great deals!

You're lucky to have so many crafting choices near you, the only thing around here is a walmart! :)

Anonymous said...

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