Thursday, June 29, 2006


So I finally sent out the quilt blocks to my quilt block partner, jeeze, what kind of example as a host am I setting here. I actually recieved my blocks in the mail today and they look so great. I will post pictures tomorrow, i'm really tired right now, too tired to get my camera out and upload pictures, no I'm just being lazy... dang. Well lazy tired whatever I am posting all pictures tomorrow.

I am working on two small drawings right now, even though there are about another 100 things I should be doing, but that is another thing I will do tomorrow. I have not had one day off work and school in 2 weeks, so i'm at least taking tonight off for no school. On that note I was thinking that this next week was the last day of class when really there are two full weeks left. Such a stupid mistake. And I'm paying for it. You know how I said that if I'm given too much time I tend to slack off, well I think that is what is happening, I mean look at this, I'm doing things not for class, even though they are still art things, totally not for class. I hope I get back on it. These pictures that I'm drawing are really cute and way more interesting that sewing in the loose ends of my weaving. Tomorrow.

Oh yeah, I went to the children's library today, it was so great. I simply gorged myself on great illustrations and nice stories and I also rented the wizard of Oz and Castle in the Sky. I watched the Castle in the Sky tonight and will watch the Wizard of Oz Sunday.

Well, back to drawing and than off to bed for me. Have a good night, pictures are coming, I swear!

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keri said...

Ooh, can't wait to see the pictures!

Have a great friday!