Monday, June 26, 2006

Quicky Post 2!

Well, I'm really trying to at least post a little something everyday. So I have a few seconds now so I will give you an update.

I got everything on my to-do list finished except laundry (which seems to be the bain of my existance, I'm almost ready to get it dry cleaned! ugh, can't afford that). Yea for getting things done last night. I even made a little cluch for my carving tools! It's so cute. I will post a picture of that later tonight (I will edit it in). If you would like one let me know, I was thinking about making them (more fancy of course) and selling them on etsy for $5. What do you think? Good idea or no? Well I'm sure you can't say now because there is no picture, but that will change later in the evening.

The quilt block swap deadline is up for the July swap and the August deadline is July 27th, just so you know, you can check it out, there is a link in the side bar. We have four new members this month, what fun.

I'm in a bind with my art project, I need a way to cut some doll rods and the wood shop doesn't have offical hours during the summer, but the wood shop guy is doing odd jobs around the uni, I'm trying to track him down, but to no avail... here's to hoping right! If I can't get him to open the shop for me I will have to figure something else out, which sucks by the way because this is only a three week class and there is not much elbow room for changing your ideas. I may have to go to the hobby shop and see if they have anything precut to the sizes that I need or I may just buy a saw, which would be nice to have anyway, but money always is an issue with buying things.

I've gone into "I want to make everything out of canvas" mode and well... I am... hehe, first the tote and now the cluch. I think next an apron, then what, we will see.

Bye for now!

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